Suing Your Plastic Surgeon When Your Surgery Goes Wrong

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The problem with plastic surgery is that not everyone has good results. Sometimes implants shift out of position and leak. Sometimes Botox injections cause permanent nerve damage, leaving patients with the inability to close their eyes, blink or smile. If something has gone awry with your cosmetic procedure, you may be wondering if it is even possible to sue your surgeon. After all, the surgery was your choice, and you did sign a waiver stating you understood the risks.

10 March 2015

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing an ICBC Claim

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When it comes to filing an ICBC claim, you have to be aware of the common mistakes that people make when doing this. This will ensure that you can avoid some of the same mistakes and get the most out of your claim. Here are the top four mistakes to avoid: 1. Trust the ICBC Adjuster: The adjuster, of course, can help you determine what benefits you should receive from your accident.

25 February 2015

4 Ways A Family Lawyer Can Help In A Divorce

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If you and your spouse have decided to part ways, whether amicably or not, a lawyer is invaluable to the divorce process. They provide a variety of services that help the proceedings go as smoothly as possible, and depending on the circumstances, can help to hurry along cases that have been dragging on for months or even years. Whether you're just beginning the process of separating from your spouse, or you've been engaged in a long and ugly divorce for longer than you'd like, consider these four services offered by divorce lawyers:

6 February 2015