Two Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Social-Security Disability

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When you file for social-security disability benefits, you shouldn't expect to be approved right away. This is often a long, complicated process, and there's no guarantee that you'll be approved. In fact, in 2015, the Social Security Administration denied approximately 68 percent of the applications received for social-security disability benefits. To improve your chances of approval, you should consider working with a disability attorney and avoiding these common mistakes. Collecting Unemployment Benefits

14 December 2016

Here's What You Do Once Your Bankruptcy Is Approved

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If you're heading to a bankruptcy hearing and have been told by your attorney that you have a good chance of being approved, you're no doubt feeling more than a little relief that your debt will finally be either under control or completely wiped out. But the aftermath may also look a little scary from where you're standing. You're heading into a world where you won't have good credit and may have to deal with explaining what happened for several years.

19 July 2016

FAQs About Pain And Suffering In An Auto Accident

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In most auto accidents involving injuries, pain and suffering usually is included in the damages. Pain and suffering is a bit more complicated than some people believe because there are various factors that can influence just how much is awarded for it. If you have recently been injured in an auto accident, here is what you need to know about pain and suffering.  What Does Pain and Suffering Include? At the surface level, pain and suffering covers exactly what it implies.

8 June 2016

When Your Stepchildren Would Rather Live With You: How To Handle This Situation During A Divorce

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When you marry and combine families and find yourself in a new role as a step-parent, it is a fairly common thing. What is not so common is ending a marriage and finding that your stepchildren would rather live with you than with their biological parent. If these children cannot go live with another parent because that parent is deceased or in absentia, then you have a very unique and difficult situation on your hands.

27 May 2016

Has A Bar Brawl Got You Facing Assault Charges? How To Fight Back

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Were you involved in a bar fight that got out of hand, and the other party is taking legal action against you even though they were just as guilty with involvement? If so, you need to hire a criminal law professional to star working on your case. You don't want to get stuck with assault charges or other criminal charges on your record, because the other person in the fight took action first and made you look like the guilty party.

1 April 2016