Was Your Workers Comp Claim Denied? Key Reasons Why That May Happen

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If you've never filed a workers comp claim before, you might wonder about how the process can be expected to go. You might assume that, since you were injured at work, it's a slam-dunk and you won't have anything to worry about. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. There are some situations where a workers compensation claim may be denied. In those cases, it's in your best interest to hire workers compensation attorney services to help you fight it.

26 November 2018

Important Workers Compensation Factors To Review

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When you experience a work-related injury, it can be an event that has profound impacts on your finances and your quality of life. While many workers are protected by workers compensation coverage, individuals often fail to take full advantage of this coverage due to an inaccurate understanding of it. Workers Compensation Coverage Can Apply To Injuries That Occur Away From The Business Workers will often assume that their injuries must occur while they are physically at the business to be covered.

10 October 2018

Journal Your Way Through Pain And Toward Compensation

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When you end up being the victim of a careless driver you should know that you are owed for your damages. When it comes to things like your medical bills, pain and suffering, a wrecked car and lost wages you must take action quickly to preserve your chances of winning a personal injury case. The odds can rise quite a bit in your favor if you take the time to record your journey toward wellness, so read on to learn more about what a pain journal is and how it can help both you and your personal injury case.

9 September 2018

Got A Bad Landlord? Be Careful About Libel And Slander

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Landlord-tenant relationships could be deemed one of the most fickle business relationships ever. You have one party who just wants to pay for a place to live and another party who wants to make money with the places they have available for people to live in. Even though this business agreement sounds simple enough, tenants and landlords commonly disagree and end up in court. One thing that often lands tenants in hot water is defamation of character suits filed by the landlord.

6 August 2018

Tips For Hiring A Workers Compensation Attorney

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No one expects to be injured at work, but unfortunately, accidents happen every day. In some cases, workplace injuries are minor, while others can be quite severe and can cause problems for many years. Employers carry workers compensation insurance in order to compensate an employee for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering when a person is injured on the job. Unfortunately, not all workers compensation claims go smoothly, and in some situations it may be necessary to hire a lawyer.

21 June 2018

When Can You Get More Than 50% In A Divorce?

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Property distribution is one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. Disagreements over who gets what is a frequent cause of drawn-out divorce proceedings. A 50 – 50 division of assets is frequently cited in the media and works of fiction. However, it's important to note that only nine of the USA states have a law that states the spouses are equal owners of the marital property. Therefore, unless you're in these states, you may not be eligible to get 50% of the marital property in case of divorce.

30 May 2018

Potential Triggers For Child Support Deviation

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Child support deviation is a situation where the amount of child support awarded is different from the figure suggested by the standard child support calculation formula. The deviation can either be upwards or downwards. Here are some of the things that may trigger child support deviation. Upward Deviation An upward deviation from the standard formula may be possible if: The Child Has Special Health Needs In this case, a deviation from the formula may be called for so that the additional funds are used the child's health.

2 May 2018

Types Of Car Accident Investigations


A typical car accident is usually scrutinized by a number of investigators, and all of them can help you with your car accident claim. Here are some of the Insurance Investigations Your auto insurance company or the insurance company of other parties involved in the accident are some of the parties you are certain will investigate the accident. Their aim is to prove who is liable for the accident, hopefully, another party other than their client so that the liable party can settle the damages.

3 April 2018

What to Do After You've Fallen & Herniated Your Disk

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When your back hurts, everything hurts. As the support framework for your entire body, an injury to the back can cause widespread agony and make it difficult to move and go on with your life without enduring pain. One common back problem is that of herniated disks. This type of injury can happen with any number of accidents, from car wrecks to slip and falls in businesses. To learn more about herniated disks and how to get money damages for your medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering, read on.

2 March 2018

Two Alternative Ways The State May Try To Stop You From Driving After A DUI


Many states will suspend or revoke people's licenses after they've been arrested or convicted of DUIs, depending on the circumstances of the case. However, that's not the only thing the government can use to prevent people, primarily multiple offenders, from getting on the road again. Here are two things that may happen to you if you're arrested for a second, third, or fourth DUI. Shredded License Plate In some states, when you are pulled over for a DUI, police officers have the authority to confiscate your license plate and shred it.

27 January 2018