8 Probate Law Concepts Everyone Should Know

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Anyone who requires probate law services is going to run into a lot of terminology. It's a good idea when you're talking with probate lawyers to become familiar with some of the terminology they'll use. Here are 8 concepts that everyone who needs probate lawyer services should know. Decedent This is the individual who died, leading to concerns about their will. A decedent may sometimes be referred to as "the deceased,"

8 May 2020

Mistakes That Are Made When Battling For Child Custody

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Are you going through the divorce process and looking to seek child custody? You may feel like you need to do everything you can to win custody. However, there are mistakes that can be made along the way that could cause you to lose the one thing you desire the most.  Mistake 1: Preventing Visitation Early In The Divorce Process The first step starts with how you handle yourself early on in the divorce process.

30 March 2020

What Makes A Prenuptial Agreement Void?

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Many couples choose to create prenuptial agreements before they wed, and they do this for protection. If you want to protect the assets you have before you get married, you can create a prenup, too. If you decide to do this, though, you must understand that prenups do not always hold up in court. Certain things will void a prenup, and if this happens, the document will mean nothing. Here are some of the things that void a prenup.

28 February 2020

Disability Preventing You From Working? What You Need To Know About Your Long-Term Disability Benefits

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If you're suffering a disability that's preventing you from working, you need to know that you have a source of income available to you. Disability payments are one type of income that can help you survive financially. Long-term disability benefits are different from Social Security Disability benefits, in that long-term disability benefits come from individual insurance policies. If you're going to be using your long-term disability benefits, here's some information you'll need to know.

20 January 2020

What Zealous Advocacy Means In Divorce Law

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Every attorney has an obligation to serve the interests and protect the rights of their client. This includes an obligation to be what is called a zealous advocate. Particularly when dealing with divorce cases, it can leave clients with some questions about the implications of zealous advocacy. Who an Attorney Represents This is the biggest implication in a divorce case. People often wonder, especially in uncontested cases, whether a single divorce lawyer can advise both parties.

30 December 2019

What To Do When You're About To Serve Life In Prison

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Getting sentenced to life in prison doesn't mean that you need to give up on life as you know it. It's time to face the reality of the situation and prepare yourself for this situation so that you can transition in a way that protects your health and well-being, your mental health, and your physical safety as you move toward serving your sentence. Whether you are resolved to serving out the rest of your life behind bars or you want to actively fight for an appeal, it pays to reach out to a consultant that can teach you how to serve your sentence.

29 November 2019

Not Sure If You Need A Medical Malpractice Lawyer? Let's Find Out

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If you have heard about medical malpractice lawyers and you now find yourself trying to figure out if you should retain one, you will want to keep reading. To help you understand if you have a valid concern and whether you should local a medical malpractice law firm to contact, check out the following. Your Prognosis Could Have Been Better If It Wasn't For A Late Diagnosis If you made sure that you went to your doctor early on when you started experiencing trouble and you gave your doctor a run down of all of your symptoms, you should have received a proper diagnosis soon after.

4 November 2019