4 Signs That You Found A Good Criminal Defence Lawyer

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When you need a defence attorney, you want to find the best one possible. How do you know you found a good attorney? With so many lawyers to choose from, you want one who will give you the best chance of proving your innocence. But what are the signs to look for in a criminal defence lawyer? Here are four signs that let you know you found a great defence attorney:

1. The lawyer has a full schedule

When you first contact an attorney, you have to work with their schedule. You may not be able to get your first meeting with the attorney for weeks. While this may seem off putting, especially when you are accused of a crime, this is a good sign. A good attorney should not have much time in their schedules. This indicates that he or she has many clients that they meet with. This is also a sign that they put a lot of time in their cases.

2. The lawyer has great communication skills

An excellent criminal defence lawyer should have communication skills to match. Lawyers need to communicate important aspects to a judge or jury, and they need to be persuasive. He or she will need to make clear points and use their words to help place doubt on your guilt. He or she may also contact the prosecutor to get your case dismissed. Because of this, the better they communicate, the more likely it is for you to win your case. If the prospective lawyer is clear with you, he or she will communicate well with those it matters most. Pay attention to emails, letters, and phone calls. If the prospective lawyer explains things well in easy to understand terms, they are a keeper.

3. The lawyer won many cases in the past

Even a great lawyer will lose a case or two, but they will win many more cases than they lose. Be sure and research a lawyer before hiring him or her. Most criminal trials are a matter of public record. Look at the cases they handled in the past. How often were their clients found guilty? How often were cases dismissed? How successful was he or she at getting a plea bargain? These are all questions to ask when researching. If the outcomes of most cases were favorable, you should consider hiring him or her.

4. The lawyer does not make promises

A great lawyer will not make promises. Because of this, you should be careful when one promises to win a case or get your case dismissed. A skilled lawyer knows that an outcome can't be determined without knowledge of facts and evidence. While you may be tempted by a lawyer who guarantees a certain outcome, this is not a sign of his or her ability to win a case.

These are factors that you should keep in mind when looking for a criminal defence attorney. If the prospective attorney meets any of these above characteristics, you may want to consider hiring him or her.


1 December 2014