4 Ways A Family Lawyer Can Help In A Divorce

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If you and your spouse have decided to part ways, whether amicably or not, a lawyer is invaluable to the divorce process. They provide a variety of services that help the proceedings go as smoothly as possible, and depending on the circumstances, can help to hurry along cases that have been dragging on for months or even years. Whether you're just beginning the process of separating from your spouse, or you've been engaged in a long and ugly divorce for longer than you'd like, consider these four services offered by divorce lawyers:

Determining and Dividing Assets

A divorce lawyer, like Donald B Phelps Law, will work with the opposing counsel to determine the value of assets held by you and your spouse. Though sometimes this is a straightforward procedure, things like shared banking accounts and small business ownership may make the division of assets impossibly complex without the aid of an experienced attorney. In addition, divorce lawyers can work with the court and opposing counsel to determine issues related to the occupancy of the couple's home.

Figuring Out Child Support and Custody

Often it is the division of time spent with children that is the most contentious aspect of any divorce. Fortunately, family lawyers can work to negotiate child support and custody issues in a timely manner. If you're a father, consider hiring the services of a lawyer who specializes in obtaining more rights for fathers that wish to have custody or to have their child support payments lessened.

Facilitating Communication

It's an unfortunate fact that many couples who are especially unhappy in their married life refuse to communicate with their spouse. But without clear communication, a quick and painless divorce is impossible; so, having a divorce lawyer to moderate conversations and negotiations between the two parties is vital. Much of this communication will be in the form of paperwork, whether its motions filed by the opposing counsel or documents drafted for the court.

Helping You Avoid Expensive Court Proceedings

Going to court is more expensive, but many couples feel that they must go because they can't seem to settle their differences on their own. With the help of arbitration and mediation, your lawyer can help you settle out of court. While you'll still need to go to court once to finalize the settlement, you won't incur as many legal fees. But if you need to discuss more serious financial issues or custody, your lawyer will advise you on whether or not it would be better to go in front of a judge for all the proceedings.  

For these reasons, finding an experienced legal professional is something that should be obtained long before the actual proceedings begin.


6 February 2015