Has A Bar Brawl Got You Facing Assault Charges? How To Fight Back

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Were you involved in a bar fight that got out of hand, and the other party is taking legal action against you even though they were just as guilty with involvement? If so, you need to hire a criminal law professional to star working on your case.

You don't want to get stuck with assault charges or other criminal charges on your record, because the other person in the fight took action first and made you look like the guilty party. Here are some things you'll want to have for your lawyer.

Pictures of Your Injuries

Take pictures of all your injuries, like cuts, bruises or other damages that occurred from the fight. This shows that you weren't the only one involved. If you had to seek medical treatment after the fight, you want to get your medical statements and proof of injuries. If there were x-rays or other imaging tests, get copies of those as well for your attorney.

Video Surveillance from the Location

Did the bar have security cameras that caught the fight? It's worth calling and asking, and getting a copy of the tapes if you think that it's going to help your case. Your lawyer will want to go over the video before showing it to anyone else to make sure that it won't do more harm than good during your hearing. If they don't have any tapes or they aren't willing to provide them, your lawyer could need to file a court order to get access to the footage.

Eye Witnesses

Are there people that saw the fight and can contest that the two of you were mutually involved, and it wasn't one person suddenly assaulting the other? If so, you'll want to get statements from these witnesses, and your lawyer may want to conduct an on-camera interview with some of them. These witnesses are crucial for your case.

If your lawyer has enough information and proof that they think you could also file an assault case against the other person that was involved, that person may have second thoughts about going through with the case. You may be able to get the charges dropped completely, and both of you can decide to go your separate ways. If not, prepare to go and plead your case about what happened in front of a judge, and hire a lawyer that can get you out of the mess. Check out a law firm like Sproule Gordon law firm to find a lawyer.


1 April 2016