Four Car Defects That Can Cause Serious Injury

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If you are involved in a car accident, you may want to consider receiving some sort of compensation for your injuries if you believe you are not at fault for the incident. Sometimes, the manufacturer of the vehicle even can be at fault. You will need a personal injury attorney to determine this. Here are four car defeats that could cause serious injuries you can receive compensation for:

  1. Faulty Airbags: Airbags installed inside of a vehicle are meant to prevent huge blows to ensure that injuries are significantly minimized. If the airbags are faulty, then chances are you are either going to suffer from injuries much more and possibly even injuries from the airbags that aren't meant to happen. There have been some cases where the airbags from been deployed in an explosive manner. This is going to cause more pressure on the body causing severe injury or even death. 
  2. Faulty Brakes: Faulty brakes are another problem since you need the brakes in order to stop your vehicle from crashing. If your brakes have been serviced as they should have been, but they still aren't working to stop you from crashing, you will need your personal injury attorney to prove that you have taken care of the brakes and that the manufacturer was the reason the brakes caused the accident at hand. 
  3. Faulty Seat Belts: The seat belts are supposed to fit snugly in the locking mechanism. If the latch comes easily undone in the event of the car accident, you are definitely going to suffer from more injuries. You will then want to seek compensation from the manufacturer since the seat belt did not stay in place as it should have. 
  4. Faulty Tires: In some cases, the tires can have a defect, as well, in which case you would have a case against the tire manufacturer. For example, tires could have significant tread separation that has lead to the tire popping unexpectedly. This can easily cause an accident if you were driving at a high rate of speed when this incident occurred. You will want your personal injury attorney to prove the time you purchased your tires, as well as all the times you have had the tires serviced. 

When you know what could possibly be explained for injuries suffered in a car accident, you can be sure that you know who to seek compensation from. This is why it's also important to save all documentation of car part purchases and service receipts, as well to help prove that you did your part in making the vehicle safe and drivable. For more information, contact companies like Spesia & Ayers Attorneys At Law.


5 May 2017