Hire An Experienced DUI Attorney To Represent You When You Face A DUI Charge

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When you're pulled over by an officer for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), the worst thing that you may be forced to do is have a quite possible lengthy but detailed conversation with the officer. Bear in mind though that anything you say during the conversation will go toward building a case against you for a DUI charge. You do have the right to remain silent. Just exercise caution and calmly do not answer too many questions. If you begin to rattle off to the officer what you were doing just before you were stopped, your statements to the officer could be used against you later on in court. So be quiet and don't answer probing questions posed by the officer. It is perfectly legal for you to do so. Hold your information for the attorney you plan to hire.

Advise The Officer About Your Wish To Speak With An Attorney

You can more than once repeat your wish to speak to an attorney if the officer continues to ask you questions. All you have to offer the officer is your driver's license, birth date, and name. You'll be asked to show proof of your insurance. If the officer again continues to ask probing questions, don't get into an argument. Politely tell the officer for the umpteenth time, in a calm and respectful way, that you wish to speak with a lawyer before answering any further questions. 

Hire An Experienced DUI Attorney

You can't talk your way out of a DUI charge, and the reality is that you could talk your way into trouble. So find an experienced DUI attorney to handle your case as soon as possible. It's your attorney who can negotiate with prosecutors for dismissal of your case due to a lack of evidence strong enough to convict you on a DUI charge. Even when a prosecutor's evidence is strong, there's still room for a negotiated outcome to fit the conduct of what took place. Your attorney has the experience to make this happen in your favor. 

Consequence Of DUI Conviction

There are consequences that occur when you've been convicted on a DUI charge that can potentially change your life forever. Your driver's license can be suspended or revocation of it may be ordered by the court. Your attorney's representation can limit these negative consequences and help to put your life back in order. 

Expunge Procedure Filing

It's not the end of the road if you're convicted. Your attorney can still file a motion to expunge the conviction. Expunged procedures prevent the record from affecting your credit or future employment. Your experienced attorney knows the laws that allow expunging procedure filing, which may vary in different states. 

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11 May 2017