Preparing To Meet A Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Bankruptcy is a decision that is going to affect your life and the life of your family for a very long time. During this time, it is very wise to seek the council of a bankruptcy attorney. A bankruptcy attorney is going to be able to shed a lot of light on the problem that you are facing. However, meeting with a lawyer can be intimidating at times, and so you may forget what you want to ask them. In order to calm your nerves a little bit, this article is going to go over just a few things that will help your first meeting run smoothly.

Come Prepared

If possible, you are going to want to call and talk to the lawyer before you even meet with them. The purpose for this is just so you can get an idea of what type of lawyer you are going to be working with. Often they are going to ask you to fill out a bankruptcy form that just goes over why you are filing for bankruptcy. If you can get a hold of one of these forms, you will speed things up during the first meeting. Often questions are going to ask about your current financial health and what type of debts you owe. If you are able to fill out this form, you may also be able to come up with questions that you want to ask the lawyer. Make sure that you write these questions down so you do not forget them.

Be Ready For Questions

The lawyer is going to need a lot of information from you. He or she is going to need to know if you have any past garnishments, judgments, foreclosures, and even if you are going through one of those at the time. Just be ready to answer a lot of questions that are related to your financial history.


It is a very good idea to make sure that you bring important documents to the meeting as well. You will first need a copy of your driver's license and also your birth certificate. You will also need to have two years of your tax returns and a year's worth of bank statements and paycheck stubs. The lawyer will also need to know about your assets, so bring information regarding your home, car, and properties. The lawyer will need all of this information so he can see if you will qualify for bankruptcy and if you do, what type of bankruptcy you qualify for. 

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15 May 2017