Proving Your Fall Was The Fault Of A Store's Negligence

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If you find yourself in a situation where you fall down inside of a public establishment, you are likely to be concerned about your well-being as a result of the incident. Along with injuries sustained, there is a hefty medical bill that will need to be paid if you wish to receive the proper treatment afterward. If you feel a fall is caused because of negligence on part of the business where the injured occurred, you have the option in trying to obtain compensation from the owner of the property. Here are some steps you should take immediately after a fall takes place to boost your chances in successfully getting money needed for your care.

Take Photographs Of The Area Immediately

If you fall in a business, it is best to whip out your cell phone and take pictures of the area where the injury occurred. This can be done from a sitting or lying down position if you are unable to get up. Make sure to get your body in a few of the photos as this will show how you had landed after the fall happened. This can be useful in pinpointing the exact problem with the maintenance work done in the establishment, leading to your injury as a result.

Retain Medical Help As Soon As Possible

Do not try to get up after you get injured. It is best to call or ask someone in the vicinity to call an ambulance right away. This way you will be checked over by a medical professional and be able to retain paperwork to prove the injury was a direct result of the fall and that it was not sustained at a later time. Getting medical assistance right away can also keep the extent of your injuries at a minimum as you will not be trying to move limbs or muscles in need of attention.

Get Witnesses And Video Footage

If anyone had seen you fall, their testimony will be extremely important if your personal injury case goes to a court room. Ask employees to give statements about what they had seen if they were in the area where your fall had happened. They may also be able to help you in tracking down names and phone numbers of others who were on the property at the time of the accident. Your attorney will request any video footage the business retained from surveillance cameras to be released for assessment as well.

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27 May 2017