Protecting Your Rights Through Engagement And Information - Questions For Your Patent Attorney

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The evolving nature of the world economy and the ease with which intellectual property rights are now violated makes it absolutely essential that you're prepared to take actions to protect your interests. Unfortunately, many people have limited experience in dealing with patents and intellectual property, and so they may be unsure about how the legal process will unfold.

Developing an open and honest exchange with your attorney can help minimize those concerns and guarantee that you're in a position to secure your protections. Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your patent attorney to achieve that goal and ease your concerns for years to come:

Ask About Technical Expertise

One of the biggest challenges in patent law is combining knowledge of the legal process with an understanding of the issues at stake. Your patent lawyer will be reviewing a wide variety of highly technical documents, so it's important that you have confidence in his or her ability to identify vital components of that information. 

Make sure that you ask about the relevant technical experience or any educational background that your attorney might have which is relevant. Some firms prefer to use in-house experts to interpret that data, so you should be open to considering that option as well.

Ask About Patent Trolling

A major road block that patent attorneys have to navigate on a daily basis is the existence of patent trolls. Shell companies can be established for the sole purpose of buying up the intellectual rights to similar technologies and then trying to weaponize those rights for litigation purposes. 

If your property is being threatened by a patent troll, it's likely that the only goal in mind for that party is a pay day. Your lawyer can walk you through some obvious signs of trolls and then discuss what can be done to minimize their claims on your work.

Ask About Settlement Offers

Ultimately, a huge percentage of patent cases are settled before they reach trial. Financial considerations can allow all parties to walk away with their interests protected, so it's important that you stay aware of any developments on that front. Your lawyer will be able to walk you through offers as they're received, and from that information, you can make an educated determination as to whether settling your case is a sufficient solution that will guarantee all of your concerns are addressed.

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2 July 2017