Key Questions To Ask An Attorney When Your Loved One Was Injured In A Car Wreck And You Want To Set Reasonable Expectations

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If you have ever had the misfortune of sitting on the side of the hospital bed by your friend or family member after a car wreck, you already know how horrible those first few hours can be. Unfortunately, the decisions that are made during that time period can have a lasting impact on your loved one's health, recovery, and financial status in the months and years ahead. Therefore, it's essential to engage the most qualified legal counsel that you can as soon as possible, and asking the following questions of any auto accident attorney you might hire is a great way to get started.

How Much Experience Does The Attorney Have With Cases Such As Yours?

One common error that people make is lumping all injuries that are related to car accidents together and assuming that all lawyers with a good record of winning cases would meet their needs.  However, insurance companies and the attorneys that work for them have methods of determining the appropriate compensation for an injury. Therefore, while a simple broken arm is unfortunate and deserves the assistance of an attorney, it's unlikely to have the same catastrophic and life-changing impact that a broken spine or the loss of a limb from an 18-wheeler accident would have.    

You can improve the likelihood of your ultimate satisfaction by determining the extent of experience that each lawyer with whom you are speaking has with cases like yours. That information will then make it easier to be more certain of what to expect. 

How Long Does The Attorney Think It Will Take To Finish The Process?

Unfortunately, the plethora of television shows and movies featuring attorneys, court, lawsuits, and other components of the legal process have permitted some incorrect information to be believed as fact by many people. For instance, while it may seem that legal disputes can often be solved in an hour or less on a reality court television show, the truth is that the research and negotiation that goes into that determination can vary tremendously from one case to another.

In addition, the insurance company is likely to have recommendations as to the appropriate amount of compensation to the injured party, as mentioned previously. If you elect to accept that offer because your attorney tells you that doing so is a good idea, you might have funds sooner than if you opt to take it to a judge or jury for determination. It is best to have reasonable expectations as to the duration of the case, as that will help you to plan for what is already a very challenging situation.

In conclusion, choosing the right attorney to represent the interests of a friend or family member is a very important task that you might not be familiar with. As a result, when screening the different car accident lawyers in your area, asking the above questions of each person you might hire is a good step in the screening process.


5 August 2017