Using Modern Surveillance To Prove Your Accident Innocence

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Desperate times call for desperate measures, and there's no shortage of people who want to scheme their way out of accident blame--or scheme their way into your insurance payments. Between honest accidents with dishonest arguments or fraud that traps you into a fake accident, you need a way to prove your innocence beyond word of mouth or hoping someone else saw what happened. Here are a few ways to boost your legal security with technology and the right law firm by your side.

Get A Dash Cam

Some accidents come down to arguments over personal statements and deep, expensive investigation. If you're the victim, you could lose a lot of money just trying to prove something that was plain to see. That can all change with a simple dash cam installation.

Dash cams are changing the accident reporting and insurance scene in many countries. In countries such as Russia and China where corruption is not just suspected, but a major part of reform campaigns, dash cams weed out of the more casual attempts to fake an accident or simply deny any wrongdoing.

These cameras have wide views that can cover the windshield view of a car, and can deliver an even wider view range on a motorcycle. The only problems is that just like a motorcycle rider, the camera is subject to more impact and roll damage than in a car accident.

Dash cameras have a few specifications to keep an eye on other than just cost. If the video quality isn't at least 720p--the lowest of High Definition (HD) quality standards--it isn't worth buying. For the best chance of retrieving video and sending it as needed, the camera should have an SD card (secure digital) slot.

With these cameras, you can record the circumstances and small details of an accident. Cameras are usually designed to record when you're driving, but there are battery packs and power inverters designed to allow recording overnight.

Get A Lawyer To Empower Your Recordings

Recording an accident is only part of the equation. In some cases, it will prove that the accident took place and show who is at fault. This puts you in the same position as people with witnesses and police on their side, and you still need a lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

A motorcycle accident law firm can help you by picking through the specifics of the case. With the help of dash cam evidence, local reports, vehicle damage reports, and medical reports, a better case for compensation can be drafted without wading through the fault argument. 

It saves time for everyone involved, and can help you move along the road to recovery without nearly as much drama. Contact a motorcycle accident services professional to discuss other ways to safeguard your rights in the event of an accident.


2 October 2017