Important Workers Compensation Factors To Review

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When you experience a work-related injury, it can be an event that has profound impacts on your finances and your quality of life. While many workers are protected by workers compensation coverage, individuals often fail to take full advantage of this coverage due to an inaccurate understanding of it.

Workers Compensation Coverage Can Apply To Injuries That Occur Away From The Business

Workers will often assume that their injuries must occur while they are physically at the business to be covered. However, there are many individuals that will regularly be tasked with performing tasks away from the business. Common examples of this can be field technicians, salespeople and delivery professionals. Fortunately, injuries that occur over the course of performing your job duties will typically be covered regardless of whether they occur at the business's building.

Not All Workers Are Covered By The Requirement To Carry This Insurance

Unfortunately, some individuals will incorrectly assume that all workers are covered by these insurance policies. Yet, there are exemptions. While these exemptions can vary, one of the more common ones will be for businesses that have fewer than a specified minimum number of employees. Additionally, some sector of workers can be exempted from this type of coverage, such as independent contractors. Speaking with a legal professional may be the best option to avoid confusion about this type of protection.

You Have Options If Your Employer Lacks Workers Compensation Insurance

While the law may mandate for your employer to carry this insurance, there are some businesses that will simply fail to buy this type of protection for its workers. If you encounter this situation, aggressive legal action is possible as the business owner may be liable for the damages that were suffered. Additionally, there may be the opportunity for punitive damages to be awarded as punishment for the business's negligence.

Workers Compensation Attorneys Provide Services Other Than Filing Lawsuits

Individuals will often fail to consider hiring a workers compensation service until their case encounters problems. This is often due to the belief that these professionals will only be able to help those that are to the point of needing to file a lawsuit against their employer or the insurance company. While this is one of the more important services a workers compensation attorney may provide, they can provide a range of other types of assistance. This can include negotiations with the insurance, reviewing any paperwork that needs to be completed, answering any questions clients have about the filing process and helping to gather evidence when legal action is required.


10 October 2018