Don't Be Afraid To Highlight These Bothersome Examples Of Male Chauvinism At Work

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Even if you're the lowest-paid person at a company, you have the right to work in an environment without being harassed. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is a problem in many workplaces, and it doesn't always fit the traditional definition of unwanted touching or sexual advances. There are other examples of sexual harassment that may seem a little more covert, but are still unhealthy. Male chauvinism is an example of sexual harassment because it can make you feel uncomfortable and because it's based around gender. Here are some examples that you shouldn't put up with.

Implication That Men Are More Skilled

Most workplaces contain a mix of men and women, and while this often has its advantages, there can also be some drawbacks when there are unscrupulous men in the mix. A common example of male chauvinism revolves around the spoken or unspoken suggestion that men are better at certain tasks. If you're a woman, this can make you feel inferior. For example, if you're trying to do something that fits within your job description, but you're struggling, your boss might assign the task to a male counterpart with a subtle comment such as, "He'll be able to do it better."

Suggestion That Men Make Better Leaders

Another example of male chauvinism is the mindset that men make better leaders than women. Men and women both have a variety of skills that make them good leaders, and choosing someone to be promoted at work is more about the individual merits of that person than it is about the person's gender. If you were told that a man would be better at a certain job than you as a way to explain why you didn't get a promotion, this could be an example of sex-based harassment because of the chauvinistic overtones.

Use Of Physical Force

There's a conception that men are stronger than women, although this, too, depends on the two people being compared. Still, men may play up this angle by acting in a chauvinistic manner relating to strength. For example, a man may flex his muscles or even take off his shirt upon landing a big client at work, or another man may make fists and pound a desk or hit the wall as a way of showing his anger. Each of these chauvinistic outbursts constitutes an unhealthy work environment. If you've endured any such scenarios, contact a sexual harassment attorney.


19 March 2019