Were You Injured At Work Doing Heavy Lifting? Get A Lawyer And Get Workers Compensation Quickly

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It can be a very unfortunate situation if you get hurt while you're at work and your employer doesn't want to pay you the compensation that you deserve. If you got injured while loading materials, boxes, or other items at your job, and heavy lifting and loading isn't something that is a part of your job or that usually takes place, you shouldn't have to go without wages.

You shouldn't have to pay medical bills, miss paychecks, and suffer because of the pain that you have because you were doing your job and got injured. Here are some of the things your lawyer will need to know.

Were You Told to Do the Lifting?

If a supervisor, manager, or another person told you to go load the truck, arrange the heavy items, or to do a task that required you do the lifting, this is something that you were instructed to do. You want to prove that you didn't do it freely without a request, because your employer can say that you got hurt with your own actions. Knowing the exact words that were said, when, and by whom is important for your case.

Is Your Body Badly Injured?

There are many injuries caused by heavy lifting that can last a lifetime. If you have any of the following problems that are preventing you from returning to work, then you should get workers compensation:

  • Herniated disc
  • IT band syndrome
  • SLAP tear in the tissues and ligaments
  • Joint displacement

The lawyer will go over the medical documents you have. The paperwork should show the diagnosis of your injury and the treatment that is currently needed for the injury, and it will state that you can't return to work because of the injuries. The lawyer may want to speak with the physicians treating you, so provide all of that information as well.

Once the lawyer has gathered the information needed, they will decide if you have a strong enough case for your workers compensation claim. They want to know if you were ordered to do this thing that you aren't trained or qualified to do, and if your injuries are severe enough that you can go to the courts and get the workers compensation that you need.

If you are struggling to pay your bills and you are missing out on wages, get a lawyer quickly. They will look over the case and decide where to go from there.


10 October 2019