Mistakes That Are Made When Battling For Child Custody

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Are you going through the divorce process and looking to seek child custody? You may feel like you need to do everything you can to win custody. However, there are mistakes that can be made along the way that could cause you to lose the one thing you desire the most. 

Mistake 1: Preventing Visitation Early In The Divorce Process

The first step starts with how you handle yourself early on in the divorce process. There will not yet be an official decision made on custody, and both parents may not be living with each other anymore. If your children are living with you during this time, this does not mean that you can prevent your spouse from seeing your kids. This shows a bad example of how you will handle a custody arrangement if you are given physical custody. Continue to make sure that your children are a part of your spouse's life.

However, there are exceptions to this guideline. If you are getting a divorce because you fear for the safety of your children when they are with your spouse, then keep them separated during the divorce process. Bring these issues up in court to justify your actions so that a judge can understand. 

Mistake 2: Talking Negatively About Your Spouse With Your Kids

It can be tempting to use the time alone with your kids to talk negatively about your spouse. This could include why you are getting divorced, about things that your spouse has done, or just overall bad mouthing them. This is not a good idea, and you will be surprised about how much of this gets passed along to your spouse through your kids. This can end up haunting you later in court because it proves you are not trying to attempt a positive relationship between your kids and their mom or dad.

Not only is this not good for your custody hearing, but it also is not good for your kids to hear as well. Despite what is happening with your marriage, your spouse is still a parent to your children and will be in their life forever. Putting ideas in their head about what your spouse is like will not help develop a positive relationship as they grow older. 

These are just a few of the mistakes that are made before even stepping into the courtroom to decide on child custody. Work with a child custody lawyer to know what other mistakes you should avoid. 

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30 March 2020