Top Issues That A Construction Attorney Can Help Clients With

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If you are not involved in the construction industry, then you might have never had to hire a construction lawyer. Even if you are involved in the construction industry, you might have been lucky so far, so you might not have had to hire one of these attorneys. However, both construction contractors and people who hire these contractors do sometimes find themselves in need of legal services from construction attorneys. These are some of the top issues that these attorneys typically help people with.

Reading Over Construction Bids and Contracts

First of all, if you are looking to have a construction project done sometime soon, then you will probably be asked to sign a contract. Be careful about signing a construction contract without having it looked over by a lawyer. Then, you can make sure that you are fully aware of everything that is listed in the contract, and you can find out what your options will be if something goes wrong with the project. If you are a contractor, you should also consider hiring a construction attorney to help you write up the contracts that you and your customers sign. Then, you can ensure that they are fully legal and that they protect your construction company and your clients.

Helping Contractors Who Are Dealing With Payment Issues

Unfortunately, some construction contractors find themselves dealing with payment issues because their clients do not pay them as they are supposed to. If this has happened to you, then you might be dealing with severe financial impacts because of it. After all, you might have spent a lot of money on materials and labor for the project that you have done for a client, and you might not have been properly compensated for these costs. If you hire a construction lawyer, the lawyer can talk to you about the steps that you can take to fight for the money that you are entitled to for the work that you and your crew have done.

Helping When a Contractor Is Not Abiding by the Contract

Some people find that their contractor does not abide by the contract when performing their work. For example, they might not have gotten the project done by the date that was listed on the contract. A construction attorney can help you hold the contractor responsible for any contract breaches.

Construction attorneys help both contractors and construction customers with a variety of construction-related situations. If you are involved in one of the situations above or if you are dealing with some other issue related to the construction industry, contact a construction attorney to find out if they can help you.


12 August 2020