Arguments For Retaining A Birth Injury Lawyer To Represent Your Family

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The arrival of a new baby should be a time of joy for any family. However, when your child's birth was met with tragedy, you have legal rights that you, as a parent, can pursue.

To find out what these rights are and how to assert them fully, you need to hire a birth defect attorney to represent you and your family. These reasons explain the necessity of putting a knowledgeable birth injury lawyer on retainer quickly.

Preserving Evidence

Despite your baby's birth being an emotionally painful event to recall, it is imperative that you preserve as much as possible of what happened. The doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers involved with the birth may fail to note this proof. To ensure that it is saved for your case, you need to hire a birth defect attorney to act as your representative.

Your birth injury attorney has the legal reach to contact the medical facility and serve a subpoena that orders the healthcare team to save the evidence and provide either written or spoken testimony about what happened during your child's birth. This evidence can be saved and in the possession of your birth defect lawyer within a matter of weeks, if not days.

Taking Decisive Legal Action

After securing and reviewing the evidence, your birth injury lawyer can decide what step to take next. In most cases of birth injuries, hospitals and healthcare providers prefer to keep them out of court. They do not want the negative press and attention that come with having this kind of case tried before a judge or jury.

With that, your birth defect lawyer may pursue a settlement on your family's behalf, allowing you to avoid the pain and expense of a trial. Your birth defect attorney will work out a settlement that fairly compensates you and your family for your pain and suffering. It also will provide compensation for your baby's present and future medical expenses that relate to their birth injury.

These arguments are a few that highlight what an experienced birth defect attorney can do for your family. A birth injury attorney can secure evidence of negligence or malpractice that took place during your baby's birth. An attorney can also represent your family in a lawsuit if necessary. You can likewise retain a birth injury lawyer to work out a settlement.

For more information about hiring a birth injury lawyer, contact a local law practice, like Phillips and Paolicelli LLP.


16 October 2020