Amending Estate Planning Documents

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All adults should consider timely estate planning to safeguard their dependents' well-being in case of death. Estate planning includes amending existing documents such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives. It ensures that you can review your estate planning documents and ensure that they match your wishes.

Auditing the Estate Documents

Besides filing your estate planning documents with your lawyer, it is advisable to regularly audit your documents to ensure that they are in accordance with your wishes. Regular audits allow you to modify the estate documents to match your current circumstances, including life events and financial situations, which change as you progress through life. Moreover, regular audits ensure that the wishes and terms in the wills and trusts are consistent with your wishes. Wills and trust instruments should be amended following the law. Thus, consider hiring an estate lawyer to guide you through the audit process.

Ensuring Proper Documentation

Having an estate lawyer by your side will ensure your estate documents are properly drafted. The estate lawyer will also ensure that the documents are properly formatted, contain the necessary information, and are notarized. You are likely to omit essential documents or information if you decide to write your own will or use one found on the internet. Poorly drafted estate planning documents may be worse than none at all, as they may expose your estate. An estate lawyer ensures your documents are tailored to your wishes and goals. 

Complying with Estate Laws

Estate documents must be legally drafted following various probate and trust laws and regulations that differ from state to state. Failure to comply may invalidate your estate documents, rendering them legally unenforceable. Having an estate lawyer on your side ensures that your will or trust instruments comply with current laws. Estate lawyers also have the expertise and knowledge to draft your estate documents so that your beneficiaries save a significant amount of money in taxes.

Safeguarding Your Peace of Mind

Finally, having an estate lawyer provides invaluable peace of mind because you know a professional is looking out for your best interests. Having and developing a relationship with an estate lawyer is also essential to receiving informed opinions. Your estate lawyer will address your concerns or questions and look out for your best interests. Your lawyer may also be your will's executor, ensuring your wishes are fulfilled after your death. Simply put, estate attorneys are an invaluable stakeholder in safeguarding your estate and your dependents' long-term well-being.

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14 April 2021