How Attorneys May Be Able to Preserve Evidence of an Auto Accident

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In an accident, like in any incident that may lead to a court case, having sufficient evidence is your strength. In an auto accident, taking the license plates of the vehicle(s) involved and taking pictures of the scene of the accident can only do so much to help your case. However, with the help of a car accident lawyer, you will be able to preserve crucial evidence to strengthen your case. Read on to learn more.

Obtaining Surveillance Footage

One of the things a car accident lawyer can do to preserve evidence is obtaining surveillance footage. The accident may have occurred in an area with CCTV cameras. This surveillance footage can help validate your claim and connect your injuries to the crash. Requesting this footage from a business or homeowner may not work for you. However, auto accident lawyers often deal with these cases and can easily obtain this footage.

Additionally, your lawyer will be able to get footage from traffic cameras where the crash happened. Your lawyer will acquire this footage through the Opens Records Act. Video evidence is very hard to dispute and offers a great way to affirm your claim.

Anti-Spoliation Letter 

A damaged object can be used as evidence in a car accident. This object should remain intact if it's meant to be evidence. Your car accident lawyer can draft an anti-spoliation letter to order an individual who owns the object to preserve it. 

If a person destroys evidence after getting an anti-spoliation letter, they will be subjected to sanctions according to the law. Anti-spoliation letters are critical in situations where the defendant has evidence that could strengthen your case. The letter prevents the defendant from disposing of the evidence. For example, if the defendant's car is damaged in a manner that supports your argument of how the accident took place.

Questioning Witnesses

A witness to a car accident is a valuable asset to your insurance claim. Witnesses will confirm your account of the accident. Additionally, they may be able to present information that was not apparent to you. It is important to acquire the contacts of a witness after a car accident.

Your lawyer will be able to depose them and use the information they provide as evidence. Furthermore, your lawyer will know which questions to ask to strengthen your claim. Witness evidence is usually difficult to discount in a car accident case.

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19 May 2021