Expunging Criminal Records For An Improved First Impression

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The criminal justice system, including the police, courts, and prosecutors, has access to people's criminal records of convictions and arrests. In addition to the justice system, public members, such as employees and landlords, can access a person's criminal record when performing background checks. Thus, having a criminal record can be quite an impediment. Criminal records may be sealed or expunged, eliminating bias. While sealing criminal records, only barres public access, criminal record expungement eliminates the record as though the conviction or arrest never happened. Thus, anyone with a criminal record who wishes to have it deleted should consult a lawyer. Below are some benefits of criminal record expungement

Improved Employment Opportunities

The first benefit of criminal record expungement is it allows a person to obtain employment. Usually, employees conduct background checks on job candidates to determine their criminal history before hiring. Most employers are reluctant to hire people with a criminal record, deeming them untrustworthy. Criminal record expungement completely seals one's record from anyone's access giving them a clean slate. That way, employers cannot obtain information on arrests and convictions when running background checks on job candidates. People with a criminal record should consult an experienced attorney for advice on pursuing criminal record expungement, increasing their employment chances.

Access Loans

It is expected that someone may need a cash advance at some stage to jumpstart their life, especially during the current economic hardships. Typically, lenders run background checks before granting a bank or microfinance loan. During the background checks, banks look at one's credit score and criminal record. Thus, someone with a criminal record may not qualify for a loan, ascertaining the significance of pursuing criminal record expungement. Moreover, people with criminal records struggle to get employed, prompting lenders to hesitate to grant them loans for fear of defaulting. An attorney guides clients through the criminal record expungement process, after which they can access loans because banks cannot access past criminal records.

Applying and Receiving Citizenship

Criminal record expungement is also valuable when applying for citizenship. After filling out an application, candidates must subject themselves to thorough security and background checks. Having a criminal record affects a person's chances of getting citizenship. Even if one is legally innocent and was exonerated from a charge, the arrest remains on their criminal record, affecting their chances at citizenship. Thus, anyone with a criminal record should consider having it expunged before proceeding with their application. Lawyers experienced in criminal record expungement ensure their client's records are sealed from access, allowing people who had a criminal record a second chance.


22 July 2021