How A Tax Attorney Can Provide You With Tax Relief

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You may be surprised at how high your IRS tax bill is, and you might feel like it will be impossible for you to pay the taxes that are owed. However, the taxes you are expected to pay may actually be lower than you expect. By consulting with a tax attorney, you may discover that you do not owe the taxes at all, or you may be entitled to tax relief.

The Actions That the IRS Will Take

While you might feel like you are working very hard and doing the best you can, the IRS will only see you as another account to collect from and will pursue collective action until you have paid your obligation. The tax obligation will not go away until you have paid the taxes that are owed or have negotiated to have your tax obligation reduced.

The IRS routinely drains bank accounts of assets as a way to pay for the tax debt that is owed. You may also have your wages garnished or may even be able to take money directly from clients.

IRS Agents Don't Always Follow the Rules

There are certain actions that IRS agents are not allowed to take under law, but these rules are violated routinely. If you hire a tax attorney, the IRS will be more likely to treat you fairly because they will know that you are informed about your rights. 

IRS agents also prefer when they are working with an attorney because they do not have to spend time explaining the law to the taxpayer. 

Stop IRS Collection Actions Through Tax Relief Legal Services

You may be able to have your penalties removed through penalty abatement. Then, you can reduce your tax obligation. Your attorney will communicate directly with the IRS so you don't have to and will negotiate a payment plan where you may pay your taxes in installments. 

If you are currently having your wages garnished or are having your bank leveed, there are steps that can be taken to prevent this from happening so you will not find yourself destitute. Your taxes might seem impossible to pay, but the process will be much easier if you deal with the IRS in the right way. 

If the IRS chooses to launch a criminal investigation, a tax attorney will be able to represent you in this regard and help you avoid any potential criminal penalties.


8 November 2021