An In-Depth Look At How FDA Recalls Work & The Latest Urgent Medical Recall You Need To Know About

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Every American needs to stay on top of product recalls issued by both the CPSC and the FDA. While the Consumer Product Safety Commission oversees the safety of many other everyday products, such as car seats, the FDA oversees the safety of medications, medical devices, animal feed, cosmetics, and food. As you can imagine, continuing to use a medication or eat a food that has been recalled by the FDA can be very hazardous to your health.

14 June 2017

Three Things You Need To Know About Animal Bites And The Law

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Millions of people are bitten by animals every year. Although most animal bites simply involve nips that don't even break the skin, some result in serious injury that involves loss of work and substantial medical costs. Following are three things that the average person needs to know about animal bites and the law.  Dogs Aren't the Only Culprits Animal bite lawsuits are primarily associated with dogs. After all, canines are responsible for about 4.

12 June 2017

Three Things You Need To Know If Your Child Is Charged With A Crime

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It's every parent's nightmare: getting that one allocated phone call from their city police department or juvenile detention facility and hearing the shaky, frightened voice of their teenager on the other end stating that they'd just been arrested. Even if your child is a star student with a healthy respect for law and order, he or she just might end up on the other end of that telephone call one day, even by virtue of simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

5 June 2017