Two Alternative Ways The State May Try To Stop You From Driving After A DUI


Many states will suspend or revoke people's licenses after they've been arrested or convicted of DUIs, depending on the circumstances of the case. However, that's not the only thing the government can use to prevent people, primarily multiple offenders, from getting on the road again. Here are two things that may happen to you if you're arrested for a second, third, or fourth DUI. Shredded License Plate In some states, when you are pulled over for a DUI, police officers have the authority to confiscate your license plate and shred it.

27 January 2018

Four Reasons, Other Than A Car Accident, You May Need A Personal Injury Attorney

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Everyone seems to know about the need for a personal injury attorney when you are in a car accident. There are commercials that can be found on television and radio as well as advertisements on billboards and signs throughout your city. But there are times when you may need a personal injury attorney, other than a car accident. You are hurt riding the city bus If the bus company is partially or fully funded by a municipal or county government, you can still sue.

27 December 2017

Workers' Compensation: An Overview Of Employer Responsibility

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It is not enough for employers to provide workers' compensation insurance; they have other responsibilities beyond the provision of the coverage. Here are some of your employer's responsibilities as far as workers' compensation is concerned: Providing Emergency Medical Care                                                                         Most accidental injuries are easier to manage with early intervention. Early medical intervention can stop blood loss, prevent secondary infections or even save limbs. As an injury victim, you are expected to mitigate your damages by getting medical help as soon as possible, and your employer has the responsibility of providing this help.

26 November 2017

3 Things You Should Know When Going Through A Divorce

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Going through a divorce can be incredibly stressful. There are many people who have divorced and have been able to make the divorce arrangement work, and there are others who are unable with the outcome and end up fighting in court all the time. Here are some things that you should know about your divorce agreement. 1. Get It Right The First Time One of the biggest mistakes people make is rushing the process so that they can just be done with it.

29 October 2017

Using Modern Surveillance To Prove Your Accident Innocence

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Desperate times call for desperate measures, and there's no shortage of people who want to scheme their way out of accident blame--or scheme their way into your insurance payments. Between honest accidents with dishonest arguments or fraud that traps you into a fake accident, you need a way to prove your innocence beyond word of mouth or hoping someone else saw what happened. Here are a few ways to boost your legal security with technology and the right law firm by your side.

2 October 2017

Statistically Possible: Just How Likely Are You To Get Bail If You Show Up For Your Court Hearing?

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Just how likely are you to get bail if you show up for your court hearing? For those arrested, judges must constantly weigh certain factors to make this determination. In case you were unaware, bail is money paid (or property pledged) and a promise to return for subsequent court dates, and not everyone is able to be bailed out. Needless to say, staying behind bars while awaiting trial makes it a lot more difficult to prepare for your trial and fight for your innocence.

11 September 2017

Car Wrecks And Money Damages To Expect

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.When you are the victim of a careless driver, you should place your physical health on the top of your priority list. That's why it's so vital that you seek the help of a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your wreck; you can focus on getting better while someone else takes care of making sure that you are properly compensated for your injuries. You may be curious about exactly what type of compensation you can expect, so read on to learn more about what kind of money damages you can expect as a result of your accident:

11 September 2017