Fighting For Custody Of Children In A Chaotic Divorce

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Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences in life, especially when both parties are not in agreement about certain aspects of the situation. When a divorce is messy, one aspect that might be affected by the chaos is the best interest of the children. Couples sometimes make the mistake of bringing children into the chaos by attempting to keep them away from one parent. However, sometimes it is in the best interest of the children for one parent to have more custodial rights than the other parent. If you desire custody of your children, hiring a lawyer is the best way to sort through the chaos between you and the other party.

Getting Threatened by the Other Party

A messy divorce sometimes results in one party making threats against the other party, especially if he or she does not want the marriage to end. For example, one party might make the threat of making the other party's life as stressful as possible for filing for divorce. Responding to threats can make the situation worse than it already is, which is why you should talk to a lawyer instead. A lawyer will gather details from your regarding the threats and can use the information to build your argument as to why you deserve custody of the children. The situation is even more situation if threats were made against the children, as it could result in a lawyer helping you get emergency custody.

The Other Party Has a History of Abuse

Have you ever called the police department because the other party physically abused you or the children? Even if the abuse was not physical but was psychological, it is just as serious and should be mentioned to a lawyer. You need a lawyer's help because the other party has the right to defend him or herself and might hire a lawyer as well. You want to be sure that the evidence can prove what you are claiming against the other party. A lawyer will not only get the evidence but also use the evidence for your child custody case.

Your Financial Situation Is Questionable

Are you without a job because your main source of income came from the other party during the marriage? If you are worried about your lack of income having an impact on your rights to custody of your children, it is a good time to hire a lawyer. By doing so, you will receive guidance on the situation and assistance with proving to the court that you are capable of providing for your children. 

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31 October 2022